User experience (UX) design has become increasingly important when developing a website. Not only does a well-designed website create the optimum experience for consumers or clients, but search engines such as Google have also factored UX into their ranking algorithm.

Clients who visit your website are looking for a positive experience with minimal loading speeds, keeping them longer on your website. If you are having trouble getting into potential clients’ minds, try using our proven tips to create a stunning commercial real estate website design.

Simple Layout

A cluttered layout can be the death of a website. If the users cannot identify any relevant content or find the layout is disorganized and difficult to understand, they will switch to a competitor’s website. The website layout should focus on providing a clean and crisp experience for anyone visiting the site so they can easily find what they need.  Consider our Bargain Website Package.

Straightforward Navigation

Website visitors don’t expect a complex design or layout, which is why it is better to provide them a simple and understandable website, whether it’s related to the navigation or the language used. Your navigation should be well organized according to logical headings that you would typically find on every website so the visitors have an idea about where they can find relevant information.

SEO Incorporation

Search engine optimization can help you set yourself apart from your competitors. If your content is optimized using relevant keywords, Google is more likely to rank your website higher. A higher ranking provides exposure to prospective clients and increases the chances of visitors coming to your website. Custom Websites come with SEO optimization.

The Landing Page

The landing page is the first page any client visits when they come to your website. As this page is the most highly viewed, it should be optimized to attract potential clients and reduce the website bounce rate.

The landing page should ideally be a one-stop solution. It should feature a summary about your commercial real estate business and services so viewers can quickly browse through the content and decide if they wish to proceed. You can even include links to a few commonly visited pages such as the about us page or FAQ page as calls-to-action to create interest.  15 Landing Page Ideas by WordStream.


Incorporating visually compelling elements such as images, videos, and animations can increase user interest in your website while making content easy to understand. Pictures and graphics should not be used too liberally but should incorporate where they fit in with the overall content.

For example, when you are listing properties on your commercial real estate website, be sure to include high-quality, professional images of the property from different locations so potential clients can get an idea about what they are buying.  Check out our website packages! – Pricing.