An effective website design can set the mood of the website. A commercial real estate website needs to attract and retain the right audience to switch to the competition’s website. Website designers incorporate technological advancements such as interactive maps, animations, high-definition images, and videos to add value to the content-generating interest among website visitors. If you’re not creatively inclined, follow our design tips below to create a website design for real estate that enhances the user experience.

Focus on Website Speed

Consider the speed being offered by your web hosting providers to ensure there’s no delay when visitors tried to open your website by entering the URL in the search bar. No matter how extraordinary your design is, it makes no difference if users can’t even access the website. Before you settle on design elements that you incorporate in your website, be sure to understand the effect they’ll have on loading speeds. For example, 3D virtual reality commercial real estate tours take more time to lower than simple banners.  Page speed tips from MOZ.

Have a Clear Message

Clarity is especially important when setting up a website; if you are confused about your goals for your business, you can’t expect your clients to understand your product offering. Once you decide what your website goals are, they need to be presented in layman terms so the audience can understand. It can also help if you use descriptive text explaining what problems you can solve for potential clients and the benefits of moving forward with your commercial real estate business. You can even include statistics to provide numerical evidence.   Check out our website packages!

Don’t Clutter the Layout

The layout of a website should have a proper flow for every page, and the biggest together should add to your brand story. Don’t include everything on the landing page, as it is better to divide the content so visitors can choose which topic they like to view through a menu tab. The main page should not be cluttered with irrelevant information or too many images and videos because it affects loading speeds and confuses the viewer and increases the chances of increased bounce rates.  5 Essential Features for a Commercial Real Estate Website.

Avoid Using Too Many Graphics

Incorporating too many graphics, whether simple images, videos, or animations, can overwhelm website visitors. Extensive use of graphics can distract viewers from the main message of the website. It is also easier to follow a standard layout that invokes a sense of familiarity for the viewer. They have a general idea about where they can find certain information such as contact details. Graphics are a great way to make your website aesthetically pleasing, but the content should be the star of your website.

Leverage Social Proof

People are more likely to purchase products referred by their friends and family, which is similar in the commercial real estate market as potential clients believe current clients’ experiences, as it becomes a major factor for deciding which agent they choose. Your website can be a great place to show positive client experiences through reviews and testimonials to establish your credibility.  Benefits of Social Media for Commercial Real Estate.