Are you thinking about using social media to take your commercial real estate game to the next level? Let’s dive into the best social media platforms that’ll have you raking in new clients.

BTW, if what’s keeping you off social media is reluctance to use your likeness, here’s my earlier article, How to Get on Video WITHOUT Your Face or Likeness.  It’s a great tutorial if what’s holding you back is not wanting to become a “spokesperson”.

#1 LinkedIn – The Professional Powerhouse.

LinkedIn is like the suit-and-tie of social media. It’s where professionals meet and greet. Perfect for commercial real estate agents, it’s an ideal space to showcase your expertise, connect with industry leaders, and share educational content about the market and your services.

Commercial real estate groups to join:

#2 Facebook – The All-in-One Hub.

Facebook is like the bustling town square of the internet. It’s a platform that’s great for engaging with a broader audience. Share your property listings, market updates, and connect with Facebook local communities, like investor or business owner groups in your area, to build your real estate network.

Commercial real estate groups to join:

Everything underneath this doesn’t have “groups.” …I mean, they do, but not in the traditional sense.  Mostly, they group together content based on hashtags.

Here are some hashtags you can use in your social media to group your content:

#commercialrealestate #realestate #cre #realestateagent #realestateinvesting #property #commercial #commercialproperty #realestateinvestor #business #investment #propertymanagement #investmentproperty #forsale #retail #construction #officespace #realestatebroker #broker #multifamily #office #architecture #commercialrealestatebroker #investing

#3 Instagram – Visual Vibes for Property Showcase.

Instagram is where visuals, especially short-form videos steal the show! Get to know your community and connect with businesses in your local area, such as lenders, town council members, zoning boards, restaurants, stores, etc.  Comment on and like their posts to start a conversation.

#4 Twitter, or X, I guess – The Quick Conversationalist.

Twitter is the rapid-fire of social media. Perfect for sharing quick updates, market trends, and engaging in conversations with industry peers. Quick things to post are blogs on your website, videos you’ve created, other people’s content, your marketing materials, listings you have, and any comments and conversations that come up as you’re online.

#5 YouTube – The Video Maestro.

YouTube is your personal broadcasting station. You can start by creating virtual property tours – you don’t need to get fancy, just walk the property with your cell phone on video record.  Share market insights through vlogs, produce video series about subjects your potential clients want to hear about, and establish yourself as a go-to expert in the commercial real estate game. Videos are a fantastic way to connect with your audience visually and great trust builders.  90% of video marketers say video marketing has helped them generate leads, including me, so it’ll likely work great for you too.

#6 TikTok – Trendy Teasers for Quick Engagement.

TikTok is all about short, snappy content. You do not have to dance for TikTok!  TikTok is all about short form videos, but there’s no need to blindly follow trends.  Instead, you can use TikTok to educate your potential clients on your services, what’s happening in the market, and connect with a broader audience.

#7 Real Estate Forums and Groups – The Niche Networks.

While not traditional social media, online forums and groups focused on real estate are valuable. Join platforms like BiggerPockets to connect with industry professionals, share insights, and learn from others in the field.

I know this list can look overwhelming, but remember, you can find ONE thing that works and 10X it.  Try out a few different social media platforms, find the one that works best for you, and double-down.  There’s no reason to spread yourself thin over multiple platforms.

If you are going to increase your social media efforts, integrating a well-designed website will maximize your visibility and credibility.  It will also act as a hub for you to send prospects to in order to collect their contact information and follow-up.

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