Doesn’t it feel like everything is a

subscription now-a-days?


You want to watch one TV program,

that’ll be $11 a month.


You want to watch that movie?

Free trial, and

when you forget to cancel,

welcome to $7 a month.


I have subscriptions to probably

7 different streaming networks,

four of them are from Amazon alone.


Mostly kid stuff though.


God forbid we miss an episode of

Paw Patrol!


Even getting CRE brochures is on

a subscription.


Except mine!


Calico Marketing has

Brochure Templates at a one-time fee,

no subscription.


They come in Microsoft Publisher (PC),

Apple Pages (MAC), Google Slides, and

Adobe InDesign.


Check out the Brochure Templates.

There are no limits to the number of

Brochures created with the template.

Make as many as you want!


Ready to check out the

Brochure Templates?


Professionally designed brochures

with no monthly fees.


It’s another way

I’m taking the “broke” out of brokerage.


Your brochure-friendly friend,

~ Brandy