If you’re running a commercial real estate business and have a website, you might have considered incorporating web animations to make your website more interactive and appealing to prospective leads. Web animations can be incorporated into your website in different ways, such as text, images, and graphics such as loading bars. However, while web animations can make for an interesting and creative experience for your viewers, you must be careful about using them.

What Constitutes as Web Animation?

Before we can understand how to use web animations, we should be aware of what elements fall into the category. The animation can be incorporated into the user interface, which can look like a button that shakes once clicked.

When to Use Different Animations

Loading and Page Transitions

The loading page animation pops up when the user selects a property, and the website takes some time to display the relevant information. The animation can provide the viewer with a momentary distraction to prevent them from being annoyed by waiting. These animations can also be used if the website takes some time to display elements that require extra loading time, such as 3-D tours. Examples of loading graphics.


The hovering animation allows users to access extra information by placing their mouse pointer on a button or element. For example, when filling out newsletter or subscription forms on commercial real estate sites, you can find more details about filling out the form by hovering over the field to see a pop-up message with additional instructions.  Examples of hover animations.

Navigation Menu

As a commercial real estate agent, the odds are that you deal with different types of properties, including office spaces, industrial and hospitality properties. These properties are also further classified according to if they’re for buying, selling, or lease. The information is too detailed to be included in a stationary menu, so it is beneficial if hovering over a menu icon results in a drop-down menu with additional options to provide users with simple navigation. 5 Keys to Designing and Developing a Dynamic Commercial Real Estate Website.

Property Listing Galleries

Displaying all your properties in one location can help users browse easily through your portfolio and select which option they want to learn more about. In addition, the galleries can include timed transitions, and the user can click or hover on a property to access information about property descriptions and prices.

Delightful or Distracting: The Verdict

We have mentioned a few instances where web animations for websites can enhance the user experience by providing them interactive elements, making them feel as if they are part of the process. In addition, incorporating some aspects of animation makes the website feel more responsive for users, but we should be careful not to let the animations distract from the main message of the site.

At the same time, also be conscious that too many animations can even confuse or frustrate users, which can drive them away from your website. The key is to establish a balance between animations and content to provide the user with an exciting experience.