Staying out of the Spam folder is vital when sending out mass emails.  There are some key tips to follow that will keep you out of spam and into the inbox of your target market. To get a successful email campaign, check out these tips to help you avoid common mistakes in email marketing.

Don’t Flood Inboxes

Billions of emails are sent daily, which go unopened, and if you send too many messages, you’re more likely to be marked as spam by the recipient. On the other hand, you might be sending emails that you believe are of interest to the viewer, but a large quantity might result in declining open rates.

As a rule of thumb, I suggest a max of 1 email per week to your prospective clients. Any more than that may attach a negative connotation to your future emails despite their relevance. To prevent yourself from emailing the same clients over and over again, set up a release schedule that allows you to track emails and segment your clients into different email lists.  How Email Marketing Can Boost Your Commercial Real Estate Business.

Have an Email Marketing Strategy

The entire campaign is based on establishing a strategy and objective for your email campaign by making the content appealing and to the point, so make sure the campaign includes the following:

  • Send emails from email addresses that have your name in them. Avoid sending emails from email addresses starting with DoNotReply or No-reply, which gives the impression of being uninviting. These emails are also less likely to be opened.
  • Ensure your email campaign is optimized for mobile use, which is how most people view their emails. If they open your email and find the information is all over the place, it can be confusing and annoying for the recipient. Mailchimp has a great builder that automatically resizes for mobile.
  • The subject line should be short and easy to read without using complicated words. They should also not be vague or misleading as this might lead to the recipient moving the mail to their spam folder. I, personally, find the less “cute” the subject line the better open rate.  Example: “5,000 SF Industrial Warehouse for Lease” will do remarkably better than, “See what’s new in your area!”
  • The email should be designed for one purpose only. Therefore, ensure you are not sending too much information about different services offered by your company. For example, if you’re sending an email introducing your business, only include one or two case studies (shortened) in the email. To much info is usually passed over.
  • Include a call-to-action link at the end of your email with simple text similar to the email body content to encourage clients to see your website. I like to have a link to “read more” on each article I write.


Personalizing subject lines and emails can increase the chances of recipients opening their emails. However, the message of your email needs to be altered according to your audience, which is why segmentation can help target interested individuals.

While it might be extremely difficult to customize emails 100% to every reader, there is no need to go into such depth. Instead, you can start by segmenting your emails according to location, job title, company, and other interests of the prospective clients. These emails have a higher chance of being read as they are more relevant because of their segmentation.  Email Strategies for Commercial Real Estate that Aren’t Annoying.