In the beginning of my career,

there was one thing people

always asked for.


A way to showcase

listings on their website

…and oh yeah,

they don’t want to pay for an IDX.


IDX monthly fees can be expensive!


But there aren’t any

listing plugins available for

commercial real estate and

trying to use a residential plugin

is nearly impossible.


I saw this and knew we needed

to build one.

With the help of one of my clients,

I finally took the plunge.


I got lucky and purchased a

residential plugin from

a creator who no longer

wanted to support it.


Then I hired programmers to cut up the

source code and rebuild it for CRE.


Today, the CRE Listings Plugin is

versatile and can be designed

into almost any look.


It also integrations into most

CRM (Client Relationship Management)



Check out the CRE Listings Plugin!

Feature your listings on your website

with a property search, map, and

easy filters.


Getting your listings out there and

giving you a choice between a

CRE Listings Plugin or

an IDX integration is another way

I’m taking the “broke” out of brokerage.


Your listing-obsessed friend,

~ Brandy