First impressions are crucial.

It’s human nature to make a judgement

about someone when you first meet them.


But did you know that people can

formulate an opinion about you in

less than 20 seconds!


LoopNet reports that 60% of people

searching for commercial real estate

did their own online searches before

they contacted an agent.


That gives you a huge advantage

if you can be found online.

If those people are searching

for properties individually,

they’re likely to download the available

brochures on properties as well.


OK, let’s get real.


Are your property brochures good enough

to make a positive first impression?


Do you think, if someone downloaded

your property brochure, would they

be tempted to contact you directly

to help with their search?


If you said “no” or hesitated to answer,

it’s time for a change.


You don’t need to find an

expensive designer or contractor

for your listing brochures.


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It’s another way

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