I used to work in a commercial real estate

brokerage.  I remember agents getting

nervous when deals were closing and

there’s nothing new in the pipeline.


When they would ask the broker

what to do, he would scream at them

to cold call.


Agents would spend hours each day dialing,

talking to voicemail and dialing again.

After a few days, frustration set in.

They realized what they, logically,

already knew – cold leads

don’t convert into sales easily. 


I preach the idea of spending as little time,

money and energy on cold leads

as possible because –



That means, out one-hundred cold calls,

you will likely get one new contact.

The chances of that one contact

turning into a paying client is low.


Let me teach you my ways!


I’ll show you how to contact hundreds

of cold leads in one shot, with technology

so cheap that you’ll be kicking yourself

that you haven’t tried this before.


Check out

Cold Lead Hero!

You’ll learn how to download a

leads list, pre-record a message,

and send it out with a single click.


Showing you how to automate

your cold leads is another way

I’m taking the “broke” out of

commercial real estate brokerage.