Let me tell you about the incident that changed my business forever.

About 7-ish years ago, my mom promised that I wouldn’t need daycare because she was newly retired and available.  About 5-months into this promise she started feeling burn out.  I get it.  “Babies are a lot of work,” is the understatement of a lifetime.  However, when she was in the middle of ghosting me, my websites had a plugin that became vulnerable to hackers.  Instead of notifying people, the plugin creators decided to keep their issue quiet.  Needless to say, I had a situation on my hands. And it escalated VERY quickly!

I was neck-deep into a sticky situation.

  1. Zero childcare.
  2. Zero contractors to help me.
  3. Zero processes to handle this.

The thing that killed me the most is I didn’t offer hosting!  I had to go onto individual accounts across multiple platforms – GoDaddy, Bluehost, etc. and perform scrubbing that was easy on some systems, and a monster pain in others.

It took AT LEAST 100-hours to unhack all the websites across all the different platforms.  Not only this, but I had to schedule this emergency around having a 5-month-old and no childcare.  I spent every waking moment, working late overnights, bottles at my desk, laptop next to the crib, reading emails out loud as stories – I was a freaking mess!

After a ton of frantic work and a week or two of sleepless nights, I finally got all the holes patched, and the websites back to normal.

I got some sleep and did some soul searching on what just happened.

I realized this was MY fault.  No one put me in this position but me.

  1. I saw the signs of my mom’s burnout and ignored it.
  2. I knew not training anyone as backup would be an issue if I got sick, injured, or overrun with work.
  3. I knew not offering website hosting was not sustainable for long-term maintenance.


I came to a conclusion. ALL of these things needed to change!

  1. I enrolled my son in daycare for 2-days a week (Yes, just two days, have you seen tuition rates for babies?!). This released my mom of her babysitting duties because she should really be golfing anyway!
  2. I hired a virtual assistant and a website contractor.
  3. A new policy was instated – hosting is required!

I got a lot of heat about that last one!  However, if I had required everyone host their websites with me, this hacking situation could have been a 1-hour ordeal.  I.E. **gets on tech support chat** “Hey can you roll back my server to 1-week ago?  Thanks.”  **removes hackable plugin**  -=DONE=-

If you’ve been wondering why I require hosting, now you know the story!

If you’re on the fence about getting a website done, consider me for your website design.  You know now I’ll work long hours to thwart hackers!

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