Having a website that provides basic information is not enough to make your mark in the commercial real estate market. You need to set up your website according to the type of prospective clients you intend to attract and convert into long-term customers. By customizing your site, you can create a long-lasting first impression and provide value addition to your clients by using our ways to add luxury to your commercial real estate website.

Promote A Lifestyle Not Property

Similar to how residential real estate agents stage houses, commercial real estate agents also need to stage their properties to show how they can potentially look in the future. For example, if there is an office space for rent, the pictures should feature an office setting and layout to show clients what vibe they can achieve in the room.

Apart from placing these pictures on your website, you can also highlight surrounding features and amenities that might be of interest to your client. For example, it would make sense for office space rental to highlight the large windows of a property to show clients there’s plenty of natural light, and you can even mark the closest coffee shop on an online map that employees can frequent.

Use Quality Renders and Graphics

For a more luxurious feel, be sure to include well-designed 3D renders that are easy to navigate. A high-quality property tour and animations can hold the viewer’s attention for longer while allowing them to explore minor details that might be of interest to them. In addition, the clarity provided by 3D rendering software such as 3D Studio Max and Maxwell can highlight property features such as wooden floors, light fixtures, and other amenities clients might want to get a clear picture of. At the same time, ensure your website can handle the additional bandwidth of using 3D tours to ensure there is no lag on the platform.  5 Keys to Designing and Developing a Dynamic Commercial Real Estate Website.

Define Your Consumer

It’s beneficial to identify and define your target audience so you can incorporate relevant content and elements to enhance your luxury real estate design while attracting suitable viewers. Creating a luxury website requires additional investment, which would generate better leads if it incorporated factors that capture the interest of your target audience. For example, you can define your customers according to their age, gender, financial position, and location. It might even help if you interview some previous clients to define future potential buyers and sellers better.

Mobile Friendly

A successful website needs to keep up with technological advancements to provide its users with the best experience possible. For example, you can incorporate timeline sliders, drone footage, live videos, etc., to attract your audience. At the same time, you should also ensure these additional features can be viewed through smartphones and that your website is optimized for mobile use, which is how most people access internet content.  5 Essential Features for a Commercial Real Estate Website.