I used to work in a commercial real estate brokerage, I know what it’s like. If your deals have past and you have nothing in the pipeline, brokers start screaming that you need to cold call. Cold call
or you’ll never get another deal again! Cold calling is one tool in a warehouse full of tools. Today,
I’m going to give you 55 ways to bring in commercial real estate leads and none of them will be
cold calling.


Getting a Leads List

#1 Reonomy

Download a list of property owners in your area. Reonomy is awesome because you can filter by type of property, size of property, and zip code. If you’re interested in doing a campaign to attract multifamily owners with properties 6-units and under, you can get that specific.


#2 Data Axle USA

Download lists you need for tenant representation, including businesses nearby with contact information for decision makers. Most entries include email and phone numbers, but this may vary based on your state’s public information laws.


#3 Prospect Now

Use filters and criteria to select a group of people who are most likely to think about selling soon. They use predictive algorithms that search for the most likely culprits that are looking to move up or move on.


#4 MSCI Real Capital Analytics

If you’re looking for investors with multiple properties in their portfolio, here’s your database. They keep records on 200k investors across 172 countries. Their database keeps track of transactions, sales, refinancing, along with ownership information on each property. This is a maintained database, so it’s more likely to be up-to-date than some of the others.


#5 CoStar Public Record

Many people don’t know this, but all property owner information is available through your County Recorder’s office for free. Unfortunately, these databases are difficult to search, so CoStar has pulled all this information and put it into a convenient database. You can pull owner information, loan details, and information on the property itself. Most of these lists come with phone numbers and emails for easy contacting.


#6 County Records Department

If you Google “<Your County’s Name> Records Department” you will be able to research how to get property owner information for FREE. Property owners are public information, and is available to everyone. However, most of the time, you’ll be copying and pasting from an online resource into an Excel spreadsheet. I value your time, so it’s at the bottom. But if you’re in a season of business where you have more time than money, it’s a great resource to get started.


#7 Big Boys Blast

(120,000 emails). With email blast services, I’ve had the most success with Big Boys Blast. In my personal experience, I get twice the click thru rates as the other guys. That’s why they’re my top choice. And it’s shockingly cheap! For a little over $100 you can reach investors nationwide. I suggest adding this into your listing marketing too.


#8 Property Campaign

(300,000 emails). While they claim 300k emails in their database, in my personal experience, I’ve averaged around .01% click thru for each campaign, which is well below industry standards. But pricing includes discounted monthly plans, so if you’re planning on A LOT of emails, this may be the more cost-efficient route.


#9 Property Blast

(90,000 emails). This is one of the few that allows you to filter by state, which is great to advertise your leases. Their pricing ranges quite a bit from $59 to $159, but still an inexpensive option.


#10 Property Send

Property Send (120,00 emails). This one is the only option that actually let’s you see your open rates. Usually, you’re left completely in the dark with that stat! (No one wants you to see how low their opens are.) And they have a discounted monthly plan if you’re doing a lot of emails.


#11 DataAxel emails

Data Axel has a service to build and send your email completely done for you! If you’re struggling with the technology, this is where you want to be. They won’t have lists of investors, but they can do Tenant Rep campaigns by company type. For instance, you can send all insurance companies in your area an ad, “Looking to expand” or “Looking for a better deal on your lease?” or “Rent
vs. Own”.




#12 Get a website

I’m not just saying this because I sell websites – a website is the cornerstone of all your marketing efforts, your branding, and messaging. If you’re not ready to plunk down the cash for a custom website, my Website CRE Kit has a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a website in Squarespace for cheap.


#13 Website messaging

A beautiful website will impress, but if the messaging sucks it won’t convert. Be very clear about the services you offer and any specialties you have. If you only do industrial, don’t have coffee shops in all your photos. A cave man should be able to look at your website and grunt what you do after 10-seconds.


#14 Tell people what to do next

If I had a nickel for every commercial real estate website I went to where I had to HUNT for the contact info, I would have a hefty sack of nickels. You should make it very clear what you want your potential clients to do – Download this – Click for Contact – Schedule a Call – etc.


#15 Free offer / list builder

This tried-and-true marketing technique is FORGOTTEN by the entire commercial real estate industry. You should have some kind of cheat sheet, checklist, guide (ebook), video / audio training, in exchange for contact information. These are called “list builders” and getting people on you contact list is playing the long game.


#16 Simple registration process

If potential clients need to fill out a full page of information to get your contact info or free offer, you’ll see your conversions go down. Get their first name, last name, email address at the least. I usually try to get company name too. The more fields on the form, the less likely people will hit the submit button.



If you’re looking to scale your sales consultations, webinars are what you’ve been waiting for. Webinars are perfect for sales agents that are looking to get more people in front of them as quickly as possible.


#17 Framework Webinar

When building your webinar, I highly recommend using the Genius model. People tend to do a “walk-thru” or “step-by-step” presentation, which is great for list building, BUT if you want someone to buy from you, a framework is best. When using a framework model, you’re using the time to discuss how your process solves the client’s problem. At the end, if they’re ready to act now, they’ll start the process.  Check out Webinar Hero.


#18 Webinar offer to your current clients

Get warmed up with your presentation with a list of folks you already know. This can also rekindle some former clients into conversation.


#19 Advertise your webinar to get new clients

Once your webinar is practiced, start advertising on email blasts (#7 – #11), or you can buy Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, etc. to run people into your monthly or quarterly webinar.


#20 Zoom Webinar

Is popular, personally, I think it’s pricey! I use WebinarJam [affiliate]. I like how I can do the warm up emails directly in the system and I can duplicate it for every webinar I do. Also, you can upgrade WebinarJam [affiliate] to create an automated webinar to offer as a “freebie” on your website!



#21 Google Ads

Purchase Google Ads that target your prospects. You can narrow this range quite a bit! Example: I want my ad to show to Las Vegas residents searching for “best commercial real estate agent” or “available industrial suites.”


#22 Print or email ads

Ads in local industry magazines or business gazettes. Some magazines have offer ad space in their email newsletters as well.


#23 Banner ads

Banner ads on popular industry websites.


#24 Podcast ads

Running an ad on Bigger Pockets or other industry related podcasts is a great way to stand out.


#25 Guest blog

Submit industry articles you’ve written to popular industry websites.


#26 Holiday & Birthday greetings

Don’t forget holiday greeting cards to your clients and prospects. It doesn’t have to be the usual holidays, I prefer New Years.


Direct Marketing

#27 Postcards

I used to be big on direct mail, but that was when it cost a quarter to have a postcard printed and mailed. That same card will now cost you $1.50. Today a small 300 card campaign can cost $450.
I feel like there’s better ways to use that money. However, if you do have a tried-and-true message and campaign that always gets results, I suggest Vistaprint. Great quality, done for you printing and mailing.


#28 Sales Letters

If your brokerage pays for paper, copier, and postage, doing a sales letter is a great option! You can advertise your current listings or send a flyer with your services outlined. Or consider offering an eBook in exchange for them to email or contact you.


#29 Cover letters with brochures

Mail or email a cover letter and company brochure or a listing brochure to potential lessees or property owners.


#30 Offer a freebie

Offering your “free lead builder” (from #15) is a great way to get more people to your website and opted into your email list.


Social Media

#31 Commenting

Comment on industry blogs to draw prospects back to your website.


#32 Advertise your blog articles

Link your blog articles to show expertise and bring in more people to your website.


#33 Use hashtags

Post with popular tags such as #CommercialRealEstate.


#34 Congratulate new tenants and buyers

Post your newest listings and congratulate new tenants.


#35 Big announcements

Announce new blog posts on social media to bring people into your website.


Word of Mouth

#36 Friends and Family

Ensure your family and friends know exactly what services you offer, enlist them to help spread the word.


#37 Referrals

Ask clients to tell their friends and colleagues about your services. Be sure they know you’re taking new clients; some assume you’re not (especially if you complain about being busy).


#38 Offer Free Consults

Offer free consultations and site visits for referrals.


#39 Free Ad Spaces

Leave flyers or business cards pinned up at your local coffee shops and post offices.


#40 Tagline to anyone who will listen

Don’t be shy! Mention your services to baristas, that person you met in the grocery line and anyone else who seems interested.


#41 Industry Association

Join an industry organization and get listed. Many will link your website and show your
contact info.


#42 NAIOP local

Join local NAIOP chapter and participate in functions.


#43 Better Business Bureau

Doesn’t everyone love their box of scones breakfast meet ups? Join local Better Business Bureau and participate in functions.


#44 Local university

Join the local university (even if you’re not an alumni) to mentor or be a guest speaker.


#45 Guest speaking

Offer to be a guest speaker during an organization’s meetings.



#46 Social involvement

Social involvement in churches, schools, universities, and others can bring more word-of-mouth leads.


#47 Offer services to charity

Offer free consultations or discounted rates for charitable organizations.


#48 Donations usually come with links to your website

Offer free consultations or discounted rates for charitable organizations.


#49 Bonuses for charity

Give discounts to referrals from charitable causes.  Or offer bonuses like a free Market Report, Broker Opinion of Value, eBook…anything that you can offer that’s valuable.


#50 Events and promos

Participate in events and hand out cards or promo items.



#51 Conventions & Tradeshows

Industry conventions are a great place to meet new leads and fellow professionals.


#52 Masterminds

Investors, business owners and lots of professionals go to masterminds to expand their businesses.


#53 Nominate yourself!

Don’t wait for someone else to nominate you, nominate yourself into local or national “industry professional” awards.


#54 Cross promotions

Cross promote with other industry professionals. “I’m an industrial agent, but here is the contact info for an excellent retail agent.”


#55 Friendships can be profitable

Make friends with a powerful contender that’s not interested in your target market and pass each other referrals.



There are SO MANY ways to do prospecting without a single cold call.  Giving you 55 Ways to get commercial real estate leads whiteout resorting to making a single cold call is just another way, I’m taking the “broke” out of commercial real estate brokerage.

If you’re interested in learning more about different ways to get new clients, check out the Free Course: 5 Fundamental Way to Get Clients in Commercial Real Estate.