I don’t care what physicists say, time is finite!


If you’re swamped all the time, developing, and following a marketing plan can be killer.

However, even busy people want to keep the prospects coming.


After-all, it’s busy NOW but what about the future?


Set-it and forget-it marketing plans are the best for busy people.

Here’s how to develop a stress free commercial real estate marketing plan!


Let’s build a funnel so you can dump cold leads into it, and it pops out paying clients on the other side. 


Step 1. Freebie creation.

A freebie is used at the top of your funnel to get opt-ins to your email list.  Freebies can be used to (1) entice cold leads to sign up for your email list, (2) get traffic from your website to sign up for your email list, and (3) run ads to your freebie to list build.

Your freebie will be the cornerstone of your funnel, so it’s important to use something that your target market will value.  This can be an eBook, checklist, cheat sheet, video presentation, audio presentation, webinar, or online course.

A great freebie will be regarding a subject your target market wants to learn more about.  Need help with creating a freebie?  Check out the ready-made templates and content in Lead Magnet Hero.


Step 2.  Freebie landing page.

Once you have your freebie created, give it a landing page on your website.

The landing page will showcase your freebie with a contact form next to it.  Your prospect will be required to fill out the form to receive your freebie. Website Hero shows you how to do this.


Step 3. Follow up emails.
In commercial real estate, we deal with higher dollar transactions.  The higher dollar the sale, the more time is needed to nurture your prospect.

When a prospect downloads your freebie, you’ll need a series of helpful emails to follow.

E-newsletters work the best, as they are consistently going to keep you top-of-mind whenever your potential client finally decides to make a move on their portfolio or space needs.

If the idea of creating newsletters makes you weak, consider instead a welcome sequence.  You can setup a welcome sequence instead (or in addition to).  These will be a series of emails that each prospect receives over a length of time.  You can start with just 5-6 emails and add on as you go.

I know commercial real estate professionals that would rather do the welcome sequence than a newsletter because they can use the same 52-emails repeatedly without changing them.  It’s one piece of work instead of forever work.

Follow up is important, so do whichever suits you!


Once your funnel is set up, it’s just a matter of letting it sit and bring you leads.

However, if market conditions get foggy, and you need some extra traffic pushing to your funnel, there are ways to hit the gas!


Step 4. Driving traffic to your funnel.

Paid ads.  You can setup a series of paid ads to run to your freebie funnel.  Once your ads are complete, it’s just a matter of turning them on and off as needed.  Paid ads can be Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram Ads, etc.

Cold outreach.  Write up some cold emails inviting people to take advantage of your FREE resource with a link to your freebie landing page.  You can do the same thing with cold calls, cold mailers, and cold texts.  Offering a freebie can 10X your cold outreach conversions, so give it a try!



Giving you the basics of setting up a freebie funnel is just another way, I’m taking the “broke” out of commercial real estate brokerage.

If you’d like to learn more about freebies and get some for yourself, check out Lead Magnet Hero!  It has everything you need to build a freebie funnel in no time to 10X your lead generation.


~ Brandy