Did you know 80% of sales require at least 5 follow-up contacts before someone meets with you?

And those stats are for general purchases! Commercial real estate deals are usually in hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars.

We all know, the bigger the dollar amount, the longer it takes people to decide who to hire.


Who has the time to do 5 follow-ups for every lead?

And we need double or triple the follow-ups for our larger transactions!

When think about how many emails / calls / direct messages a lead needs to become a sale it feels impossible.

But there’s no need to reinvent the wheel every time for every lead.

You can batch your efforts and make things easy on yourself.


If you’ve been on my email list for more than a minute, you’ll know I send a lot of emails.

To be exact:

52 Newsletters

20+ Promos

7 Welcome emails


Do I sit here all-day writing email novellas?


I batch the newsletters and work on them for around two weeks each quarter.

Welcome emails are automated to run when someone joins.

I write promos emails from the same templates I’ve been using for 3-years.

All-in-all, it doesn’t HAVE to take a long time to master the follow-up game.

If you batch and automate your content, you’ll lower your workload by a ton.


Note to perfectionists!

Not all your emails will be gold.

Some will be duds.

I’ve had more than a few!  (I did a leadership series once…*shudder*)


If you don’t automate your follow-up, you’ll be stuck writing thousands of individual emails FOREVER.

It’s much more efficient to write a few weeks each quarter, set it, and forget it.

Are you ready to master your follow-up game?

Let’s automate your follow-up with a lead generating website! I’ll hook your website into your Mailchimp (or similar) email platform.  Your leads will be automatically followed-up with a welcome sequence and email newsletter.

Anyone can create a pretty website, slap buttons on it and call it “lead generating.”


I’m the only one offering the Ultimate CRE Sales Funnel Masterclass to give you strategies on how to drive traffic to your website, create lead magnets that work, and follow-up with your leads on a larger scale.

A website without the ability to follow up with your leads is jewelry.  Pretty, but not useful.

Without consistent follow-up, you won’t get long lasting results, period.

I’m out to take the “broke” out of commercial real estate brokerage. 

I want to start with you.

You ready?  Schedule a call or zoom.