When the economy is uncertain and looking shaky, it’s not the time to get cute.  Instead, put in your time and energy into tried-and-true fundamentals.


Here are some fundamental ways to generate commercial real estate leads:


#1 Networking. Build and maintain a strong network within the commercial real estate industry. Attend industry events, join professional organizations, and actively engage with other professionals in your field.


#2 Online Presence. Establish a professional online presence through a well-designed website, social media platforms, and professional profiles on platforms like LinkedIn. Share valuable content, showcase your expertise, and engage with potential clients online.


#3 Content Marketing. Create and share high-quality content that educates and informs your target audience about commercial real estate trends, investment opportunities, market insights, and your predictions. Publish articles, blog posts, videos, and social media posts to establish yourself as a thought leader in the industry.


#4 Email Marketing. Develop an email list of potential clients, investors, and industry professionals. Regularly send out newsletters, market updates, and exclusive property listings to keep your contacts engaged and informed about your services.


#5 Referrals. Encourage your clients to refer your services to others. Participate in local business associations, industry conferences, or charity events to find contacts that can provide referrals.


#6 Direct Mail. Although digital marketing is prevalent, direct mail can still be effective. Create targeted direct mail campaigns to reach out to specific businesses or investors who may be interested in commercial real estate opportunities.  You don’t have to go broke making fancy postcards.  A sales letter and a property brochure will work wonders!


#7 Online Advertising. Utilize online advertising platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or LinkedIn Ads to reach a wider audience. Use targeted keywords, demographic filters, and ad formats that resonate with your target market.


#8 Cold Outreach. You can pull leads lists directly from LoopNet, CoStar, and Reonomy. Build an excel spreadsheet of leads, separate your leads by specialty: investor rep, landlord rep and tenant rep.  And begin a cold outreach campaign.  You can automate this, so it doesn’t take up all your time and energy.  Check out Cold Lead Hero to learn how.


Remember, building a strong reputation, providing exceptional service, and nurturing relationships are crucial for generating leads in the long run. Consistency and persistence in your marketing efforts will yield better results over time.


If you’re interested in getting a website built to turn traffic into leads, check out the Website Design Package.  It has everything you need to build a lead generating website easily and quickly.


Providing you with the fundamentals on how to get commercial real estate leads is just another way, I’m taking the “broke” out of commercial real estate brokerage.