Marketing tools are needed to assist lead generation. These tools are designed to automate tasks while helping the business build stronger relationships with their clients. If you’re looking to develop a more efficient marketing campaign, start by incorporating the following tools for commercial real estate marketing.

Commercial Real Estate Prospecting Tools

Commercial real estate prospecting tools allow you to find ideal clients on an online platform according to property type, income level, and ownership status. LinkedIn Sales Navigator has some great tools that allow you to search for clients using different filters such as location and job title so you can create your list of possible leads.

If you’re looking for property owners, Reonomy has a more specialized database of commercial real estate owners, which agents can use to prospect for new clients and have details such as emails and phone numbers readily available through different filters.

Commercial Real Estate Listing Platforms

CRE listing platforms allow agents to promote sale or lease properties on websites solely designed to aggregate and display listings from all over the Internet so interested parties can search in one location and increase their chances of finding the right buyer or seller. Examples include Commercial Search and Brevitas, which are listing platforms and marketplaces for buying, leasing, and selling commercial real estate properties.

Marketing Analysis Tools

Spending a large sum of money on a marketing campaign does not determine their success. The correct way to evaluate success is true different performance metrics for which you require marketing analysis tools. These tools help evaluate user data so you can improve any future campaigns. Google Analytics is a good tool for understanding website traffic, while Facebook Insights and HubSpot are better for evaluating social media campaigns.

Paid Advertising Tools

The ruthless competition in the commercial real estate business means you might have to invest in advertising tools to promote your ads online. LinkedIn is a good option as you can target different audiences according to their interests, geographies, and even previous page likes to optimize ads. Google Ads is another major player in the paid advertising tools market, and it uses Search Engine Marketing where businesses bid for keywords and a top spot on the first page.

CRM Tools

Client Relationship Management tools are used by businesses to organize and manage customer data while developing customer relationships. These tools are very powerful as they can provide in-depth reporting and customize information for specific customers. Clientlook is an example of a CRM tool that can help your company track listings and promote them on public listing platforms; it even has a team of virtual assistants that handle data entry, property listings, and administrative tasks.