Spending a large sum of money on marketing campaigns is useless if users don’t convert. Optimizing websites has great benefits as it can increase the viewer’s attention by giving them the chance to go through and understand your website, which can help them become clients.

There are several ways to improve bounce rates for your website, which are defined by the percentage of users leaving your website without taking any action on your website. Improving bounce rates can also improve your conversion rates resulting in business opportunities.

Relevant Content

Content marketing is an important part of viewer retention, which is why your commercial real estate site should feature relevant and interesting content relating to your industry. There should also be a consistent tone that is maintained throughout to engage viewers. Well-written content can also help you rank higher on search engines by using targeted keywords that drive viewers to your website. The readability of the content can also be enhanced by ensuring the text is formatted according to your design language, making it feel like it belongs on the website.  SEO Content Creation for Commercial Real Estate Websites.

Improved Loading Time

If your website is not optimized in terms of loading time, don’t expect viewers to wait minutes for pages to load on their screen. Time is of the essence, and if your website doesn’t prioritize the users’ time, they will move on to a competitor. In addition, website loading times are affected by incorporating high-resolution graphics and animations, so you need to establish a balance between high-quality images in your gallery and loading speeds. Improving loading time also increases your search engine ranking, which also helps with viewer retention.  Terakeet – tips to improving load time.

Website Layout and Navigation

In addition to having excellent content on your site, you also need to focus on making your website appealing and organized with easy navigation. There should be a flow to the content displayed, and the design language should be consistent, including colors, formatting, and layout. Improving the layout and navigation makes your website look professional and helps visitors find exactly what they’re looking for.


Smartphones have become the main technology used to access the internet because of the sheer convenience they offer. Commercial real estate businesses need to target leads from whichever platform or device attracts the most visitors. Optimizing websites for mobile is important to have a well-organized website and performs different functionalities regardless of where users are viewing the website from. Be sure to test if the mobile version displays your listings properly, there are no broken links, and text and image sizes are adjusted for easy viewing. A mobile-friendly site can also set you apart from competitors, which is why we highly recommend it. Time to Redesign Your Commercial Real Estate Website? 4 Ways to Check.