Getting your brochures done

can be quite the journey.


If you have ever hired a virtual assistant

or a graphic designer on the Internet,

you already know – BUYER BEWARE!


Expect to kiss some frogs before you

find the right provider for you.


Personally, here are my favorite

freelancer finders.


UpWork is one of my favorites because

you can hire someone, send them work

as it comes in, and it will automatically

deduct the hours worked every week.

I hate accounting, so this is my favorite.


PeoplePerHour is my second pick.

I don’t love it because you pay based

on project, which means you need to

order a new project each time you

need a new brochure.  But if you

need only 1 or 2 brochures per month,

this may be your best bet.


Not ready to train and work with an

individual freelancer for each brochure?


I hear you.


Instead check out the Brochure Templates.


Do-it-yourself templates put you

in charge. One-time fee,

no monthly subscription.


There are no limits to the

number of brochures you can

create with the template.


Make as many as you want!


Ready to check out the

Brochure Templates?


Professionally designed brochures

with no monthly fees.


It’s another way

I’m taking the “broke” out of brokerage.