Any successful commercial real estate agent knows that a good website can drive leads and conversions. It’s much easier to attract clients and sell property when you have an online landing place that draws buyers and sellers in the market. However, most commercial real estate professionals still like to focus their time and efforts on face-to-face work with clients instead of building their online portfolios. As a result, they let their digital marketing go undeveloped.

A good website is essential for getting yourself noticed by search engines and draw in buyers and sellers. Without a well-designed website for commercial real estate, you can end up missing out on a lot of opportunities. But what makes a successful website design for commercial real estate? If you already have a website but aren’t seeing much engagement, you need to update it. Here are a few suggestions for how you can do that.

1.    Optimize for Photography

According to research, the brain processes visual images 60,000 times faster than it can process text. It could be argued that this fact makes images worth 60,000 times more than text on your website. You need to showcase great images of the properties you are selling, so they entice buyers to stop in and clients to do business with you. Without a great photography platform, your website will be missing something essential.  Spruce up Your Commercial Real Estate Website with these 6 Design Ideas.

2.    Integrate Social Media

Make it easy for visitors to share listings and interact with your website by integrating social media. In your social efforts, include relevant links back to your homepage to drive more traffic. On your website, include social sharing buttons and icons on each page. You might also offer a sign-in with a Facebook or Google plus option to gather more data about your users. 6 Reasons why Social Media Marketing is Important for CRE.

3.    Use Subscription Forms

If you want to see your visitors return, you must give them reasons to do so. A great way to get return visitors is to use  subscription forms that urge guests to subscribe to your blog or a newsletter. Through these publications, you can offer useful information and tips that will show readers the value you can offer. When they need a commercial real estate agent, your website will be fresh in their minds. Lead Generation Techniques Every Commercial Real Estate Website Should Have.

4.    Fix Broken Links

There’s nothing more frustrating to a web visitor than a broken link. If your website sports non-working links to blog posts that you have taken down or landing pages whose URLs have changed, it sends a message that you don’t take pride in your work. Your website is a reflection of you, and broken links will make you look shabby in the eyes of the visitor. 5 Hacks for Commercial Real Estate Websites that Drive Leads.